Camp Bridal Policies and Rules:

  • Check-in time is after 1:00 p.m. Check-out time is by 11:00 a.m.
  • All Payments are due in full on the date of arrival. No Refunds.
  • Quiet time is 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
  • Campers must be a minimum of 20 years old to reserve a site.
  • We require a three-night minimum booking for long weekends, and two-night minimum for regular weekends.
  • Please be advised that entry to the campground will not be permitted after 10 p.m. unless agreed upon with the site-manager.
  • Refunds will not be given for reducing number of nights once checked in.
  • After check-in, no refunds will be given for an early departure regardless of reason (no exceptions).
  • If the RV Park office is closed upon arrival, check-in & payment instructions are posted outside the
    office door.
  • Children: Parents are responsible for the whereabouts, safety and conduct of their children at all times. All minors must have adult supervision at all times. No playing on roads or, sites occupied by other guests. Please be watchful around vehicles, equipment and animals.
  • TRASH: Do not leave any food, waste, or garbage in or around your site as it attracts wildlife. All garbage and food items must be contained within your RV or vehicle (not in tents or porches) until disposal. Please put garbage in plastic bags and tie securely before placing in the designated garbage bins to keep wild animals away from your site.
    Please help us in keeping our grounds beautiful by keeping your site clean and tidy. Put any recycling (glass, cardboard, paper, and tin) in the container located beside the garbage bin.
    Please take the following items with you on your departure, as Camp Bridal will not be responsible for their disposal: batteries, propane bottles, flammable materials, hazardous waste, electrical items, and large items such as furniture, mattresses, renovating items etc.
  • Any site that leaves food, waste, or garbage unattended or leaves behind a mess after checkout will be charged a $50 cleaning fee.
  • Please respect guest’s privacy by not walking through occupied sites.
  • Sewer: All waste disposal hookups must be sealed with all hoses and connections free of leaks. If there is a sewer spill, please proceed to clean it up at your own expense. If you are unable to clean up the spill, then please contact the office & any cost of cleanup will be charged back to you.
  • Unreasonably loud and disturbing noise within the RV Resort is prohibited at all times. RV owners shall be responsible for the conduct of their family members, guests and/or visitors while at the RV Resort.
  • TREES: To ensure a quality experience for future guests, the cutting of trees, shrubs or branches, and the gathering of dead wood is strictly prohibited. Please do your part to maintain our unique environment. Firewood may be purchased at the office.
  • PICNIC TABLES: Please do not remove picnic tables from other sites. Ask us if you require an extra table.
  • DRONES or any devices that could be intrusive may only be used in areas where they will not intrude or disturb other guests.
  • WASHROOMS: We endeavor to provide clean and sanitary facilities. Please observe the following in this regard. DO NOT wash dishes or clothes in the washrooms. DO NOT use hair dye or other chemicals in the washrooms. As we are on a septic system, please DO NOT flush paper towels, personal hygiene products or anything other than toilet paper, as this may cause problems to the system. DO NOT wear outside shoes in the showers.
  • LAUNDRY: Do not wash pet blankets or any clothing with oil/grease in our machines. Please clean dryer lint trap after each use.
  • CAMPFIRES: Firewood is available for sale. Please inquire at the office. Do not burn trash, wet wood, painted wood or particleboard. Do not put trash in your fire pit; it is not a garbage container. Absolutely No Open Fires in Your Camp Site. Campfires are permitted between 7 am and 11 pm. Fires must be attended at all times, kept low and contained within the fire rings provided. Fire bans may be imposed.
  • CONDUCT at CAMP BRIDAL: Registered guests are responsible at all times for their conduct as well as the conduct of their guests and children while on the premises of Camp Bridal. Any damage incurred or caused by the registered guest, their children and/or their visitors or pets whether intentional or not will be considered the responsibility of the registered guest. Please ensure your visitors or non-registered guests check in at the office. All visitors or non-registered guests must leave the property by 10:00 pm. No trespassing on occupied sites.
  • RESTRICTIONS: The following items are not permitted at Camp Bridal: illegal substances, firearms, weapons, fireworks, ATVs and clothes lines (drying racks placed discreetly on your site are permitted).
    The following activities are not permitted at Camp Bridal:
    1. Illegal activities 2. Operation of a business 3. Unauthorized signage 4. Activities that may damage or harm the enjoyment of other guests or visitors.
  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES and SMOKING are not permitted in public areas including the lodge, pool and picnic areas. The Provincial Liquor Act will be strictly enforced. Violators are subject to fines.
  • USE of DESIGNATED SITE: All sites are designated by Camp Bridal. All guests and vehicles must be registered for each designated site. Please keep your site clean and tidy. Unkempt or untidy sites will not be tolerated and will be notified to be cleaned accordingly. Outdoor furniture is permitted on your site. No structures are to be built or brought onto your site and no changes are to be made to your site without consent from the Camp Bridal site-manager. Sheds, additions, enclosed decks etc. may NOT have electricity, water or any permanent heat source. Gardens may be planted in removable garden boxes only and are not to be permanently planted in the ground. Sites are not to be sublet under any circumstances. A warning will be provided with respect to a breach of site use before you are requested to vacate the site. Please ensure your site number is visible at all times.
  • TENTS: People wishing to tent will be assigned a spot on the grass across from the office or on the grass at the back behind the RVs. Tents must be moved every 3 days. Maximum stay is 7 days. Do not park on the grass. Do not go through the RV sites to get to your camping spot, follow the pathway by the washrooms if your spot is behind the RVs. Please ask for assistance if needed. Fires in fire pits may be allowed in the back area but are not permitted on the grass area across from the office or anywhere on that section of grass up to and including the playground. If you are camping behind the RVs please face your tent opening away from the RVs.
  • USE of BIKES and ROLLERBLADES: Bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters etc. must be mindful of pedestrians, children and vehicles at all times and conduct these activities in a safe and responsible manner. Skateboards and scooters may only be used on flat areas and may not be used going down the steep roads.
  • RVs and VEHICLES: Only one RV and two vehicles are designated at each individual site. All RVs must be mobile. Check with management before parking extra vehicles on your site. All vehicles must be registered and insured. RVs must be in clean condition and in good repair. Personal vehicles such as: cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles etc. are not to be washed on site. RVs may be washed on site only with permission from management. The registered guest will be responsible for immediate cleanup of any spills from gasoline, diesel, oil, grease or chemicals at their own expense. Always check with management before the start of any repair. If necessary, your vehicle may have to be removed to a remote location to allow the repair to be done.
  • Speed limit is 5 km/h and roads are one way. Please be mindful of children and guests.
  • WILDLIFE: There is wildlife in the area so please be mindful of any pets. Be observant for any BEARS that may be in and around the property. Do not feed or harm any wild animals.
  • Please be advised that by signing our registration forms and entering the private property of Camp Bridal, You have agreed to follow the terms and conditions mentioned above and as signed as per Camp Bridal policy stating that the agreement “License” to occupy the site of agreement upon registration is TEMPORARY (Month to Month) and cannot be reassigned or transferred.
  • The Occupant cannot permit any other individual to use or visit when not present (unless manager is informed).
  • IMPORTANT: Camp Bridal reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone or ask anyone to vacate the property who does not comply with our policies and rules without notice as indicated above. Policies are subject to change without notice.
  • Please be respectful to other guests and Camp Bridal staff. If a guest yells, shouts, uses inappropriate language, or disrespects anyone in any way, Camp Bridal reserves the right to swiftly remove them from the premises. No refund of any kind will be given if this were to occur. Camp Bridal strives to ensure that we have a safe space where everyone feels comfortable for all of our valued guests.
  • LIABILITY of CAMP BRIDAL: Camp Bridal is not responsible for any personal injury or property damage suffered while in the park. The use of the facilities at Camp Bridal is at your own risk. Please secure all of your belongings.
  • Management’s decisions in all disputes are deemed final.

If you notice any issues or have any concerns or questions please call (604)-745-2267